Sunday, December 30, 2012

About Me ♥ Seul Joo ♥ Iehla


It's me iehla or ella from tumblr :

Are you wondering why my name is Park Seul Joo? it's because i have a korean soul haha, no no it's just your friendly screen name,la la la. haha feeling Park is always the best, you know there are so many icons that has a great position in the entertainment industry with the surname.

Park Shin Hye
Park Ha Neul
Sandara Park
Park Bom

Seul Joo means
Seul:   greenish pearl
Joo:  (girl) jewel

So moving on,

This blog is about South Korea's Cosmetics, Skincare, Movies, Music, Dramas but not limited to, meaning i can also review items outside the main scope. I'm interested in fashion but i was always unable to show it up or pull it off because i'm a chubby girl you know, lesser confidence. But now a days i think i can, so stay tuned! ♥ ☻

Product Reviews are mostly not sponsored unless stated. :)

So my purpose was to post some informational review to help others like how others helped me via their online product reviews. 
I blog to express feelings and share experiences to others if it's good and warn others if i had any bad experiences.

For reference : 

  • I have an oily t-zone, and forehead. and i don't know my skin color. I don't use mac like other beauty bloggers.
  •  I'm obsessed on how to resolve the oilyness in my face.
  • I'm also obsessed on how to shrink pores, hahaha
Blog Motto : 

Blog to inform, like how others helped me through their online reviews of products.
It's not like i can't live without (makeup) it but let's just live happier with it :)

Seul Joo ♥