Monday, December 31, 2012

Cosmetic Haul 2012

Cosmetic Haul 2012

This was my first year being addicted to skin care and beauty products, the simple me before this mid 2012 was just facial wash then my medical cream given by the doctor and then just compact powder lip gloss blush and go.

Now i promise to rake care of my skin better so as long as i can, i will make sure  to be simply beautiful. lol.

As you can see most of my hauls are just bb cream,facial wash,toner,masks,glosses, blush-ons, the common needs only.

I bought 1 primer and 1 eye-shadow only, some items are not mine i gave them as Christmas gift, i don't buy things that i don't often use. Since it's mostly Etude and Tonymoly they are not so pricey yet they are not that cheap, so i make sure that the products i'll be buying will be useful for everyday's use.

~Park Chan Seul ♥ Iehla


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