Monday, December 31, 2012

Facial ~~ Disaster

  • First of all i’m not gonna name the clinic publicly i don’t want any lawsuits lol :))
  • ad because the service is good and it was effective indeed. 
  • I just didn't know about the procedure and mom is always the one nagging on going through this procedure, oh i have 10% contribution because i wanna get rid of my whiteheads in the nose area.
  • The service is actually good, but i really didn't like the residue or what had happened to my face after, i thought their just gonna vacuum the whiteheads blackheads but unfortunately not„the ahjumma needled it first if she sees or feels something IE bump and then shes going to make it pop, but to say the truth there was a big whitehead from the pores really, she had collected a lot. 
  • Maybe she expected it because it was my first time:)
  • but i still did not like what’s the after looks like.. so I've been worrying that it may leave a residue on my face or make my face not smooth as before i’m afraid those pores she poked in maybe a hole..deep hole,that’s effing ugly.
  • Anyway..i already bought products for this problem..gosh kainis it costs me almost 3k just want to make sure that it doesn't leave any residue or spots talaga..
  • Here s my before picture,i took it some time before,sorry kinda blurry but you can see my skin is nt that bad except for close up in nose area because of white heads.

  • Here's Some picture of what happened after..


  • Goshhhhhhhhhhhhhh  i super duper hate to look at it, i hope i got the right product for this, i put my trust on you Tony Moly! :)
  • So starting las night Evening of January 30,2012 i started using this,lol not the poster :))

  • Let's have a breakdown, well i really am not a fan of mature cosmetics, you see my haul i love lively designs but still this is needed that's why and also Etude does not have this kind of line in their products.
  • Based on reviews on this line is great, i hope so. :)
  • From the Tony Moly website here it is :
Floria Whitening Spot Eraser : Whitening spot serum that erases the deepened stains in and out of the skin. Whitening spot treatment that improves the stains with moisture supplement without irritations. Whitening improvement intensive spot that erases the somber and stained skin toneRecommended for: Blemished, freckled skin, Bags around the eyes, Stained skin Directions: After toner usage, pump once on the edge of the finger, apply it on the spot such as blemished and let it be absorbed, apply more than once on more stained area.

Floria Whitening Capsule Essence : Whitening insulin essencethat prevents oxidation of the skin and improves the skin diabetes, essence that uses white flower capsules, which burst to prevent skin oxidation & kombucha gives insulin effect to the skin diabetes to improve the skin tone.Directions: After using Floria whitening spot eraser, pump 1~2, spread following the skin texture, tap lightly to let it get absorbed.

 Cottony Essence Sheet Mask Milk : 100% cotton sheet, no irritating, long lasting moist. Sheet typed mask, conveniently use, give immediate effect. Maybe used twice to three times per week. Milk- moisturizes and soothes the skin.

Upon buying all of these ^^^ i got this cleanser for free! ;) Spend 2,000.00 pesos in Tony Moly and you'll get this i don't know if they have promo or what,,but this is a big savings because this products price is : 848.00 
Intense Care Snail Foam Cleanser : Anti-aging, skin repair and brightening foam cleanser. Moisturizing and removes dirt and impurities. Gentle on skin.

 I'll be updating after a month :)

~Park Chan Seul ♥ Iehla


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