Sunday, December 30, 2012

Majolica Majorca Brow and Lash Colorist Review

  • To match my hair, i was about to buy Etude’s Brow Mascara like this, but unfortunately one blogger have some comment on her own review that she has a colored hair with matching eyebrows but black lashes and added “ewww” haha she said that to herself, but that helped me found my one true love right now. LMAO.
  • So first thing i really don’t or i’m not into wearing mascaras because if they’re not waterproof that’s really a no no but if they are, they’re hard to remove and i don’t often use them so why would i spend with such product, but since i want a brown brow that would match my hair andto add that comment i found a really worth it working product that i would use everyday. haha! :)
  • by the way thank you Google for the clearer picture..

  • i’m not sure if it’s visible in the picture lol. i will provide better picture next time. :)
  • i recommend this to everyone who looks for the type of product, daebak!
  • naega jeongmal jeongmal joh-a!!  :)


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