Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Nothing but the best for 2013!

Annyeong! Welcome to my yeaend post, haha..
As you can see, there's a banner above. This post well i do hope I will be able to make it come true.

  1. Money, for 2011 there was a huge spending happened. Obviously, lol. So the goal for 2013 is save.
  2. Next is travel, i really wanna go to Korea.
  3. Finish up, yep all stocks of skin care and cosmetics i have i should first finish them all before making another haul, or shall i say i should wait util my Korea plan is settled so when i go there i have a lot of money to spend where the hoe of my favorite cosmetics was! :))
  4. that's it,simple yet unpredictable. Let's make it happen! 
Gaja!! ♥
~Park Chan Seul ♥ Iehla


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