Monday, January 28, 2013

Etude House Miss Tangerine Choux Blusher and Face Color Corset

Ye..choha! :)) 
Rooftop Prince hangover, i smell review,do you?

For today i will review Etude House Miss Tangerine Choux Blusher in #4 Miss Grape and Face Color Corset in #3 Lavender Veil Finish.

Well since i love lavender thingy this set is completely adorable for me but then it doesn't really suit me haha or let's say it was not that visible.

Fresh from the tube,

Spread, Spread

Fully Blended,

     Tap, Tap on

Pros (both)
  • Pretty color for my eyes
  • Choux Blusher smells like "ube" i don't know what that means in English
Cons (both)
  • hard to noticed when applied,doesn't suit my skin color. (this is my fault i still insisted on having them because i like the color :) )


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