Thursday, January 24, 2013

Lioele Dollish Veil Vita BB Review

BB yes,BB no :))  Annyeong!

I'm gonna post my review about Lioel Dollish Veil Vita BB in Purple..

I really love color lavender and lilac shade but in Cosmetics they often label it as Purple or Violet.
So i fell in-love already when i saw that there is actually a BB Cream in this color! Yeyyyy :)

It's a makeup base + BB Cream, it's a n amazing product two in one, the purple shade is actually the base to  even out skin tone and brighten, by the time you are already blending out the cream it turns into a sandy? i don't know how to describe the color but it's like the usual BB cream color, let's say it's skin tone.

Here's the swatch :

Lower Part spread ed out

Fully blended, you see that? there's a glow..

All cream spreded out, the small part does not have the cream, it covered my veins.

a closer look : it does not look like i applied some cream right? Natural Finish! :)

Pros : 
  • Natural finish.
  • SPA : it's okay for everyday use :)
  • The color! <3
  • Available locally in Lioele PH  i added them in BBM and we made our transactions, it's actually a meetup :)
  • Price is kinda : So-so! haha but it's cheaper i think when you purchase at a online store for Pre-order basis, in my cse i dont wanna wait. :)
  • Oil Control : So far it's great. :)
Cons :
  • Attention PARABEN haters : it does have 3 little bens on the bottom part of the ingredients list.
  • Packaging : i cannot accept that it's not purple. lol It's kinda bulky.
StayPretty! ♥


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