Thursday, January 24, 2013

Shop Review : Korean Cosmetics PH or BBCream Bacolod

Annyeong Haseyo Dearies!

Today I'm gonna share my experience in one of the fastest online shop for Korean Cosmetics that is based in the Philippines :)

Last year i was really afraid to shop online for Korean Cosmetic Products, because they might be fake, you know those MAC lipsticks and benefit thing.. haha anyway later last year, around November to December? i found out that online shops that has Korean cosmetic Products actually imports product from Korea, and one of the thing is they are cheaper than the store price of the products sold locally.

The most important thing i learned was you can actually order those products that are not sold locally I actually craved for some. :))

How do i know BBcream Bacolod or Korean Cosmetics PH, well while browsing i saw her page and some Pre-order cosmetic shop are connected to her so i checked it out.

Our first encounter was actually not a transaction it was just an inquiry to a certain product. I was quite shocked when she replied a couple of minutes later, she also gave me some advice regarding the product.
She told me that i'm not that dark (i don't look that dark for her) to use the product and if i might want to reconsider and look for an alternative. (She did a research for the product and read reviews also). That impressed me.

So i immediately searched for the products she have, well actually that product i was looking for was a primer with essence thing..that is color purple (light one,if i would be the product owner i will label it as lavender color). I saw this The face shop BB essence from her on hand album and also a cleaning pad silicon from Missha. Before i purchase a certain product, i look for an online review, one of the thing i like is she provides link of the product review, i really like that :) Thumbs thumbs up!! ;)

There's a lot of product available on hand! :) That excites me.. however it took me some day to purchase, but still another encounter, she's really approachable and very accommodating.

I ordered Jan.21, i'm on night shift so Jan 22 afternoon payment settled Jan 23 ship out,and today i got it! it would be a lot faster if i'm not on night shift. and also i plotted it that way because today is my rd and i want to receive it while i'm at home :)

I wanted to say thanks, more power and till next week, yes sis next week i'm gonna purchase again :)


I Love Keekay said... is now selling some korean cosmetics. you might want to check.

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