Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Face Shop Essence BB Base Review

I bought the item from my Trusted Online Shop :)

The Face Shop Essence BB Base..

Slightly Blended..

Fully blended, where is it? haha i can't see it anymore.
Here is a picture of mine after applying the product on my whole face..

i look bare faced right?

Pros :
  • It's light
  • I bought it on Sale
  • You'll feel the moisture
  • Absorbed easily by the skin
  • Not sticky

Cons :
  • It was not a good combination to any of my bb haha it does not have any oil control
  • I think it was discontinued? or just not available locally.
  • It has PARABENS!!! 3 parabens on the bottom part of the ingredients list.
Stay Healthy and Pretty ♥


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