Monday, January 14, 2013

The Face Shop : First Time Haul

The Face Shop : First Time Haul

  • ah yes it was my first time to shop at The Face Shop, i asked the sales unnie if they had membership card like EH and TM but she said TFS is under the management of Ben Chan so they are looking for Bench Lifestyle Cards (is that what they call it?) so i don't have one.
  • it's not like i don't like TFS but since i was College I've been looking out for this store and found them kinda pricey lol because i don't have a salary to support my wants back then, i suddenly forgot it because of EH and since DARA's contract already ended i'm not 100% EH girl, looking out for some brands that has "lavender\purple" product lately. 
  • Anyway my purchase costs more than a thousand bucks so..they gave me a freebie, sales unnie actually asked me if pouch or eye shadow, i already have a lot of pouches so i choose eye shadow instead.
 This is the freebie.

 Lovely Me:Ex Makeup Base in Violet

Lovely Me:Ex Cheek Stick on Coral Pong Pong


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