Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Peek on Missha Swirl BB Sun Balm

Today i got my second BB in a balm :)

I'm so far loving it. :) I will make a review this week.

For now let's take a peek on it, i bought it on eBay

It was sent via Air21, and i was so surprised that it arrived earlier than expected, also the freebies, i thought i wouldn't get any since i purchased an item only. It was such a great deal because it costs Php800.00 free shipping.

I canvassed the said item at Missha Landmark Trinoma, and guess what? Php1,7++.00 I was like WTF? is there a gold in there? Well in the Official website if you convert the product price from dollars to Peso it would cost around Php1,000.00 without shipping fee.
But why can't Missha lower their price? and also Skinfood, they're like thousand bucks higher price.
I'm just curious, good thing Etude House,Tony Moly and The face shop does not do the same thing.


Partial Verdict :

  • Packaging Color
  • Boomer,Essence,BB all in one
  • Big Mirror
  • SPF 50+
  • Does not have PARABENS!
  • Travel Friendly
  • Epic Price locally
  • Foam smells weird


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