Monday, February 4, 2013

The Journey to Paraben Free Moisturizer ♥

I went to TFS to look for a Paraben-free moisturizer for Oily Skin..

The SA recommended me this :

I asked her if it's Paraben Free..

she said yes, but then i asked her where's the ingredients list..

I'm not familiar to jars that was just sealed in to plastics and does not have a box..

turned out it was at the bottom part..

Peel-off effect..impressive! lol.

But it has PARABENs. so no.

I look for Holika Holika because the first product i have from them was the Miracle Real Skin Finish
it was truly magical by it's packaging.. but i'm looking for moisturizer which is Paraben free and for oily skin,so i hesitated before purchasing, but this product claims 6 Free from ingredients. Though it's not meant for oily skin, i will still try this ♥

Let's see! It will arrived on Tuesday..


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