Sunday, February 24, 2013

Tony Moly Egg Pore Set

Annyeong! how's everyone? must be sleeping tight? or watching k-dramas online? haha

Here's my review for TM's Egg pore set, but i wasn't lucky enough to get the third piece.

Here is an image of TM's endorser..ooops i mean the product line.

So here's what i got, the step1 and step2 only. I came for step3 in TM's stores for how many times but     i really can't find one.

 Here's my before picture, from my bare eyes i don't have that much of blackheads but whiteheads, there's a lot.

Step 1 : stayed for 30 mins, then washed off with water.

Step2 : same with step 1.

My After pictures :

Verdict :

  • Effective (Put on some effort, open up your pores first before applying step1) Steam your face or damp hot towel on the area.
  • Does not sting much
  • Smell was ok. Except for step 2 but still bearable.
  • You'll feel tightening upon step2 application but it really did not make the pores smaller
I found the product effective on "removing" but not on making my pores smaller after, with my existing problem i wouldn't risk using the product again, used it twice. 
Even if i didn't have signs of irritation like itchyness, there are some areas the turn my skin reddish, so i think that's also irritation :)

So what should i do with such expensive product that's only used twice, blog sale? or in the giveaway? Comment in Dearies. :)


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