Saturday, February 23, 2013


yeah, give it a break. I so want another things.. i'm so never ending lol. I wonder why my pre-order takes forever to arrive! huh..that's why i don't like waiting.

These are the items i want as of this week :

**image spam, credit to the picture owners. :)

CatalinaGeo Color Capsule in violet - No where to be found.

Lioele blotting paper - i think it's less messy :)

Bisous Arbutin Peptide Vitamin C Miracle White Two Way Cake.

These are the items I've been waiting for : they are taking forever to arrive, i'm loosing my patience, i wanna buy them online but i don't have credit card :(


Jun Kim said...

Hi, I'll review this Etude House eyeliner soon, probably in the next week. so if you are interested, here's my blog:

Park Chan Seul said...

sure i'll check it out ;)

Lys Chan said...

I would love a giveaway!! I want to try this brand so badly :D.

Greetings from Shirayuki's Beauty.

Park Chan Seul said...

Hi Lys! :)
i'm currently having a giveaway.. but unfortunately it's for PH residents only, don't worry i'm planning an international giveaway maybe mid-year, i'll inform everyone about that, thanks for visiting my page :) Have a pretty day ;)

Park Chan Seul said...

Hi, i finally decided to open my giveaway internationally, i included some Lioele products, check them out and join if you like :)

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