Thursday, February 28, 2013

Watsons Nose Pore Strips Review

Bought these item because of erikajjang, saw her review and i immediately decided to try these out..

Unlike the TM's egg line, i observed that this does not cause my pores to enlarge and results are very visible even if you didn't take before and after photos of your nose.

For 10 strips 109+ php

individually wrapped too

here's the actual unused pore strip

the instructions were stated at the packaging, here's my version :

1. Clean nose area
2. Dry hands and let the nose area wet,
3. place the nose strip, and let it stay there for 15 minutes
4. after 15 minutes, peel off strip and wash residue with water.

here's the result :

Pros :
  • Locally available
  • does not make my pores even bigger
  • not time consuming
  • i can't describe smell but it was not that much noticeable
  • does not contain paraben
Cons :
  • none so far


Richelle said...

Yay your comments work!

Wow, those nose strips look like they really work! I used to use them and they worked well on me (not the same brand) but then they stopped pulling out my weird.

Park Chan Seul said...

Hello there :) Thank you for suggesting disqus..i'm such a newbie, haha.. maybe you don't have blackheads already? hehe or maybe pores are too closed?
Thanks you so much again :)

Richelle said...

Haha, it's ok! Oh, trust me I do. I have a lot of but for some reason, they don't pull them out anymore, I mean they a tiny bit but they don't pull out the whole thing, it's so annoying.

It's my pleasure :)

Park Chan Seul said...

Maybe the TM's egg pore might work for that, but the tightening or the closing of pores is my problem with the product. I also saw some awesome as the pictures and reviews states but i think it's kinda pricey. Here check it out :

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