Saturday, February 9, 2013

Wishlist ♥

My plan vacation in somewhere in the beach might be far from reality, we have some major position changes in our department, and so i had to step u in able to catch up for Telephony Team, since i'm the one currently trained, the previous person who does the job is now our supervisor. :)) and our supervisor is now our manager! 

chughahabnida! 축하합니다!

So i just wanna share some of my cravings lol... i mean i wanna have them, some of them were ion my pre-order list already and some of them is taking forever before arrival lol, but since i do not have teleport power or i just can't go to Myeongdong and shop like i was just shopping at the nearest SM or Ayala Malls, i have to wait, which i hate or else pay bigger for EMS.



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