Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Peek on Tony Moly Floria Pore-Tightening Spot

Let's see.. i have partial verdicts on it :)

Tony Moly Floria Pore-Tightening Line according to Tony Moly Global Site : 

*SEBOCLEAR TM Anti bacteria, anti flammotory, cleanse pore, helps exfoliating process *Laminaria digitata Polyphenol, mineral, poly saccaride, polyol protect skin, gives energy *Tanning Complex Natural ingredient complex from Chinese gall, persimmon leaves, tea, green tea First Step-pore lifting astringent, resilient enlarged pore Second Step-sebum control excessive oil, anti inflammatory Third Step-pore moisturizing moisturizing, soothing

toner (155ml) essence (50ml) emulsion (130ml) cream (50ml) foam clenser, pore-tightening spot

I got the cleanser and tightening spot only.

Partial Verdict :
  • Love the smell!
  • Does not sting
  • Easily absorbed by skin
  • Not Sticky
  • Lightweight, Travel Friendly


chondon chondro said...

Our skin---when toxins build up and cannot release through the intestines and lungs, they then seek an outlet through the skin, ie. as acne, rashes, psoriasis, etc. From an Acupuncture point of view, we would address skin issues by treating intestine or lung points, since together all three are eliminatory organs. If the body is not hydrated enough or ingests too many acidic foods, ie sugar and red meat, then the skin becomes dry-- as a reflection of overheated digestion in the stomach.

Dr. name: Dr. Kathleen Rosenblatt
Visit the website for more information-

Acupuncture and massage:
eliminate fine lines
lessen deep wrinkles
firm sagging skin
lift droopy eyes
improve skin tone
tighten pores
increase collagen production
eliminate puffiness
reduce double chins
promote overall health
slow down the aging process

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