Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Etude House Lash Perm Proof Mascara

Annyeong! i promised yesterday that i will post reviews but turned out that i went out to buy something then saw my friends and had a great night chatting with them so to sum it up, i loose my energy by laughing with them! haha :)

So let's proceed, one time when i was in trinoma an SA invited me to go for ilash extension, because as for her my eyes looks lifeless, but really i don't wanna put something or too much things near my eye area, remember i bought a contact lense tried wearing it even for the review but i failed, so i think i'm gonna lend it to my friend, my eyes are sensitive, though i have managed to wear a fake eyelashes for a day that was when i graduated college, here's my picture :

Disclaimer : i have a makeup artist back then, so pro!
but then after the graduation rights, my hair went all straight, lol see for yourself :

before :

after :

whahahahahahaha epic fail :))

Let's move on to the product :

It's promises :

My before pics :

before (top) and after (bottom) :
I did not use eyelash curler, sometimes i hurt myself using it. so i need to practice more.

After pics :

Judgement :

  • makes my lashes looks longer
  • adds volume, right?
  • no smudge, but i think there's fallout o strange clumpy black thingy
  • easy cleansing? no, i still use the eraser show for this.
  • washable proof? yes obviously.
  • price? reasonable ranging 400.00php
  • availability? locally available
  • do i like it? yes definitely. ;)


Nunuy said...

wow, you looks so pretty ^^

Park Chan Seul said...

thank you so much hihi :)

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