Thursday, March 28, 2013

Etude House Wonder Pore Whipping Foam and Wonder pore brush


Today i'm gonna post about my thoughts for another wonder item from the wonder pore line ;)

Of course the partner of this whipping foam was the pore brush..

I'm so loving this product because it has the same promise as the freshener, and more to it there are more to this product hoho :)

Two ways to use the product :

as a daily wash of course, i'm using the wonder pore wash in this process as well. :)

as a mask :  let it stay for 1~2 minutes, you can also use the wonder pore brush for massaging in circular motion. Use 1~2 times a week but i almost use it daily or every time i wash my face lol :))

It's dispenses foammyy thing i super like!! ♥

Pros :
  • Does tighten pores and make it look smaller after wash
  • I love the cooling effect when rinsing it off :)
  • I love the foamy-ness!
  • Cleanses well
  • Moisturizes as well
  • Cons :
  • It's too addicting hahahahaha :)
It's definitely a yes!


Nhi Nguyen said...

Thanks for the awesome review ^.^

Park Chan Seul said...

Welcome,more to come :)

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