Monday, March 11, 2013

How's your skin condition?

Lately, I've been having too much pressure and stress and lack of sleep.

and trying out different skincare brands/makeups

It's confusing to which reason my skin has reacted to.

Warning : This post has a lot of my bare skin pictures, and also pictures of some products i wanna try, but i also wanna know if anyone of you have tried it already,and what's the result. thanks ;)

To start off, here is my face shot from forehead to nose, as you can see there's caption in the pictures, those two uhm scars? kinda deep is because i had this chicken pox when i was little, and my mom was unaware that it would leave deep scars like that so every time she cleanses it she pops it. So there, well if you'll review my pictures, you'll see them even if i'm wearing bb cream, my every day makeup routine, i intended not to cover them, why? well i'm not using Photoshop as you can see, and that's my proof :) 

moving forward the picture below, the area under my eye has bumps, it was there since then..i do not know how to remove it. >.<
I also have chicken pox scar here,  and oh the nasty nasty pores. haha!

i have a large chicken pox scar here too, but you know at least i had chicken pox when i was a child, my classmate in high school, she had it at the day of our prom, lol.
Speaking of our prom in HS, i wore a leopard dress, unlike the others they wore shiny whatevers, but have bad bad makeup there. i was like a pale pale vampire. you know what i mean. :))

starring : The nasty enlarged pores!! ottoke?

This areas are my concern..

Here's the breakout area, near lips and chin area?

close-up look :

when i popped it out,i'm not sure if these are pimples, what do you think? when i popped it out, a giant white head came out it's solid, as in was that a pimple or what?... sorry i know it shouldn't be squeezed, but i can't help.

Say hello to my giant eyes! :)) I tried wearing lenses but i couldn't see well in them, and i think i'm not "hiyang" or in english, used to wearing lenses.

and i don't have makeup in here butmy cheeks blushes, is that natural? orrr...allergies orrrrr i don't know. haha

excuse the scarf. ;)


 I saw some products that might help me, but i'm not sure yet, i saw some good reviews online.

and then, photo credits to Hipstyle Online Shop

Let me know if you have suggestions on how do i solve my problems, thanks :)

Stay Pretty ;)


Ellie Balangue said...

I have the same dilemma since I started my internship! But I do use olay products for my face :") i'm your new follower! hope you could check out my blog and perhaps follow too if you'd like. have a great day ahead! :)



mitchellina metta said...

hi ^^
fot the pores, maybe you can try etude house wonder pore ^^ I heard a lot good reviews about it..
and for the komedo (that white/black head on the nose) maybe you can use porepack or scrub to get rid of those. Peeling gel can work too! ^^

Park Chan Seul said...

I've been using the pore freshener ;) but yeah maybe i'll try the other from the line ;) Speaking of peeling gel, do you have any suggestion? thanks! :)

Park Chan Seul said...

i was once a user of olay products too :) they're so gentle and i think too gentle for me, haha..sure no prob ;)

mitchellina metta said...

you can try the :
1. innisfree wine peeling gel - the packaging is like a real bottle of wine! I heard it smeels good and not too harsh but can make your skin clean :)
2. lioele aroma peeling gel - lot's of people say it's more effective than the innisfree :)
3. baviphat peach peeling gel - the packaging uver cuteee.. but too bad it's a jar so you have to make sure your hand is clean. the scent is peach! <3

Park Chan Seul said...

wohoo..thank you very much i'll look for them ;)

mitchellina metta said...

Glad can help you! ^^

Mizuhashi Sakura said...

Honestly i find Biore daily face scrub works a treat and its not so expensive It will make you break out a lot at first but that is due to it drawing the dirt from the pores to the surface After a week of use it will drastically go away. I also use Porefessional by Benefit it hide and shrink my pores and its also a primer so it works for 2 reasons.
Great post! Its nice to see people talking about their skin problems instead of denying it and photoshop-ing it away.

Park Chan Seul said...

Hello there, thanks for the recommendation :) I've been hearing a lot from other bloggers about biore products, unfortunately i don't have any powers to purchase via credit card online, but i really do hope to try those products.. :)

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