Thursday, March 21, 2013

I love you Good Boy, Saranghae Bad Boy :)

excuse me my dears, but i have to support SHINee :)

Onew-shi 파이팅! ~~ 

Good Boy

Bad Boy : I prefer bad boy jinki! ♥ ♥

I'm not liberated but i'm aware of what's normal and what's not :)

Issues about Onew ~ really people? making it a big deal?

The hat? how about SNSD's Igab ~ the hat is actually there too.

Middle Finger? Everyone can do that if they're pissed. Just blame the camera,lol

So i found this :

  • Korean Shawols: OMG Onew oppa, how could you? So rude... I am so leaving the fandom!
  • International Shawols: FINALLY someone gave Jjong the finger, bless you!
  • Perverted Shawols: I know a place where that finger would be more than welcomed ;)
  • That's how we roll in the SHINee world, biches!
  • Credits to :

Oppa fightiiiiiing ♥ ♥ ♥

Just wanna show you some Gif of this bad person they're talking goes to Tumblr shawols

and oh ending this post with some of other idols saying : get the fuck over it bitches, lol.
i'm not sure if the others were edited or not. See for yourself.


Nunuy said...

even though i'm not shawol, but i do love Onew
i think netizen just making this up! im not understand why korean netizen always make a little things gone bigger -,-
Jay Park midfing is true, he posted it in his instagram

Nhi Nguyen said...

omg, i love onew <3 but minho is still my fav !!! ^.^

check out my blog ?

nice blog, gain another follower ^.^

Park Chan Seul said...

oh i see, hehe but what i'm not suer is Suzy's pic and key's pic also :))

Park Chan Seul said...

checked out! :)

Mk G said...

I'm shawol so I defend Onew!

I don't understand why the netizens koreans' are doing this...

By other way, I've nominated for an award :)

I know to my blog is in spanish, but I wanted you to know.

mitchellina metta said...

korean always making something small become a big problem

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