Thursday, March 28, 2013

My Current Skin Care : Pores and oiliness out,please!

Roses are red, Violets are Blues..

Now i know why, my current skincare revolves in Violets and Blues lol :P

tadaaaa! ♥ Currently loving them ♥

Facial Foam :

Tony Moly Pore tightening Foam Cleanser

Moisturizers ans Special creams :

Tony Moly Floria Pore Tightening Spot Cream

For Special Care :

Peeling : Etude house Magic Bubble Creamy Peeling Wash


Sally C. said...

wow! great products. all korean too!

KrazyBubz Nguyen said...

Great post ^^

Arya De Guzman said...

wow you bought a lot.. i want to shop too :)

Park Chan Seul said...

i bought them separately, hehe i cannot afford to buy it all at the same time :))

Park Chan Seul said...

thanks! yes i love Korean products skincare or makeup :)

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