Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Proud to be Asian :)

Hello Dearies,

I was super stressed lately, i wanna change career. Something that will let me out to the world, close to nature, exploring, ah.. i just realized this work of mine is not really intended for girls, ah i can't work dresses, skirts because i need to move a lot, so in the end you must wear comfortable clothes then but not too comfortable because we are still in the office.
Schedule, at first i was okay with night shift but lately it's been tiring, and also.. i don't know i just want to quit.

Anyway, i wanted to express my sadness, sorry for that. So why "Proud to be Asian" well lately i just want to go out or see movies or just get out of the city for a while but i can't  becuse my schedule my work and the money does not allow. lol.

I found a substitute to that, watching movies online, dramas online..but lately it's movies online, and my favorite was horror, lol. I can say and a lot of people might agree that most of the asian horror movies really gives a good scare.

My opinion was some of them really had a good story but most of them was like wtf in the ending! haha but then they will really gave you a good scare :))


so if you're interested, here are the names in exact name in YouTube, just search them :

Horror : 
Noroi:The Curse Full Movie

The Doll Master (인형사) Full Movie (Eng Sub)

Park Shin Hye in The Evil Twin Eng Ara Sub

Three... Extremes 2 (Full movie with English subtitles)

Dark Water Japanese Version (English Legend) (2002)

Tales of Terror: The Haunted Apartments (幽霊マンション) Full Movie (Eng Sub)

Rattle Rattle / Katakata (カタカタ)

Rule Number One (第一诫) Full Movie (Eng Sub)

The Cut / Cadaver (해부학교실) Full Movie (Eng Sub)

Scared (รับน้องสยองขวัญ) Full Movie (Eng Sub)

Other :
Blind Full Movie English Sub 

You are My Pet - Romantic Comedy Korean 2011 Full Movie with english vietnamese subtitles

100 Days With Mr Arrogant The Movie (eng sub)

Secret - Full Movie (Best Asian Film)

DRAMAS : (dramas i watched Q1 of 2013)

Rooftop Prince
Baby Faced Beauty


Nhi Nguyen said...

I have watched all of them, lol nice post ^.^

Park Chan Seul said...

i also watched APT or 9:56 and the red shoes

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