Sunday, March 3, 2013

Something for me, Something for you

Annyeong Dearies! :)

Last night was such a disaster, someone took my wallet from my bag while i was walking in Aurora, Cubao (Philippine residents, please be aware of it). I was totally unaware of it. Someone stopped in front of me looking in her bag and then someone walk past me she's in a hurry, that's all the encounter that i can remember where there might be a big possibility that they might have taken it.

I just noticed it when i was about to pay for the jeepney fare, my bag was already opened. Good thing my phones are not stolen, my phones slided to the bottom part of the bag which is hard to get if you want me not to notice the event. 

I was really a fool for not transferring my wallet in the hardest to reach part of my bag. *Sigh*

Anyway,i learned my lessons well. To the jeepney driver and the ahjumma that helped me and comforted me,to my office mate, for my very understanding managers and supervisor, i would like to send all the Good Lucks and Godbless you guys, thank you very much. There are still some Good Samaritans in this world.

And today, my pet Chi (he's a handsome boy lol, he's a pomeranian-shih tzu breed) left my custody. Mom decided to transfer his resident from ours to my uncle's place. why? because she can't breathe and i have allergies, mom and my dermatologist concluded that it was because of his fur. He was all well now, the previous incident he have was he was not eating (he didn't ate for 2 days).

sorry for spamming pictures, these were the day he arrived and the series of changing colors and also the farewell pictures.

Anyway, i cried the whole night and today so my eyes are puffy and it hurts a little.

My state now, i'm getting okay..i'll forget about that soon. As for now i have updated info's for my on-going giveaway. Will also post some reviews tonight. Fightiiiiiiiiing!

And tomorrow some of my pre-ordered items will be shipped so on Tuesday i'll be getting them :

Lioele Secret Pore Balm - I'm excited since it was my long awaited product for covering nasty pores.
Liole Light Pink Princess Mirror - i also liked this :) oh btw i have a brand less pink princess mirror that was supposed to be my BFF's but she didn't meet me, i bought that from CNA PH.
Skinfood Good Afternoon Peach Green Tea BB light beige 

Geo Angel Violet CM31 - First time owning a contact lense.

Hwaiitng!! ♥


Arya De Guzman said...

ang dami na talaga loko in qc (living there before and in Aurora too) anyway babalik din mga nawala sayo :)

Park Chan Seul said...

ohg..i can't see the comment :(

Park Chan Seul said...

it's bound to happen yata sis, kasi all the time i'm aware na ganun sa cubao pero that day parang wala ako sa sarili..parng medyo tulala and basa can't explain asdfghl..sayang lang talaga, pero sabi nga nila atleast na lang daw hindi ako nasaktan..yung mga taong yun daw kasi ganun na talaga gawain nun.

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