Monday, March 4, 2013

Tm and Watson Haul

In order to forgot what happened, i need to shop. lol

Mom said just imagine hat you bought something for that money, ehhh? really? so i insisted to buy something. lol.

It's kinda sad TM and Etude? not sure if Etude also stopped issuing of membership cards as of this time, i shopped for 1k above without points, anyway i have availed a big eco bag of JYJ. :P

The SA from Tony Moly SM Fairview already know me, haha.. She ask me why am i alone? lol, i told her i left my parents upstairs, hahaha.

Heres the eco bag, it's super big! gosh.

Tony Moly's Floria Pore tightening spot, and facial wash..

that patch..SA told me it was for 58 php so i gave it a go..see description below..


christine sobrepeña said...

i hope you'll make a review about that TM's study power patch :) i hope it's useful for students like me :D

Park Chan Seul said...

don't worry dear, i will :)

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