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Tony Moly Floria Whitening Review

** Skincare may not suit everybody, because we have different types of skin and also, different allergies and etc.

Tonight i will post the result of TM's Floria Whitening Spot eraser and essence, from the whole line of  Floria Whitening, these two are the only things i bought. it's freakin' expensive. haha..

For more product information, MORE INFO

Whitening Line consists of 4 items:

1. Tony Moly Floria Whitening Toner 플로리아 화이트닝 토너

2. Tony Moly Floria Whitening Emulsion 플로리아 화이트닝 에멀전

3. Tony Moly Floria Whitening Capsule Essence 플로리아 화이트닝 캡슐 에센스

4. Tony Moly Floria Whitening Cream 플로리아 화이트닝 크림

but if you search at tony moly's global site, you'll see this :

maybe some of the items were just additional to the line,

Prices in Philippines (PHP)
Floria Whitening Day Cream P998.00
Floria Whitening Spot Eraser P1,248.00
Floria Whitening Cream P 998.00
Floria Whitening Capsule Essence P1,128.00
Floria Whitening Cream P998.00
Floria Whitening Emulsion P898.00
Floria Whitening Toner P898.00
Floria Whitening Skincare Set P 1,798.00

Capacity: 30ml 

Product InformationWhitening property/containing white flower complex 20,000mg. Water-like prism whitening to deliver bright and clean skin. Whitening &brightening&hydrating on dark spot.
How to use :
Apply a proper amount to your trouble spots or darkening spots and tap lightly.

Product : Floria Whitening Capsule Essence

Capacity: 130ml 
Product Information:
For White & Shiny Skin tone, Floria Whitening Capsule Essence promises excellent whitening and moisturizing effects by building up moisturizing protective-coated film to revitalize your skin. Intensive moisturizing & Whitening steps of 4D Whitening System guarantees your skin white.

How to use :

Take an adequate amount of the product, apply to all over face and neck.

Click this picture to go to ibuybeauti website ;)

Swatches :

Top :  Floria Whitening Capsule Essence
Bottom :  Floria whitening spot eraser

Top :  Floria Whitening Capsule Essence
Bottom :  Floria whitening spot eraser

Read my post here : Facial Disaster

So i was using the product since December up to now, mom told me that the bruise from the facial will go away after some time, but i still insisted on using this. To prove the effectivity of the product i tested it in one of my stubborn after pimple scar, actually i rarely get pimples, and this one is not a pimple but just a whitehead i forcefully  took out. So it left a mark, i was not a concealer user so even if i already have bb cream on or whatsoever in the face it still shows up..

Before Pics :
(This are not acne marks, this is the aftermath of a facial cleaning. From a facial clinic.)

(The spot in here is also an aftermath of a whitehead extraction, by yours truly. what a fail)

After Pics :

Pros :
  • Effective, for me.
  • Does not have a weird scent.
  • Lasts a long time
  • Easy to spread
  • Easily absorbed by skin
  • Classy Packaging
  • Travel friendly because of the pump and the cover
Cons :
  • Pricey
  • has parabens
  • it kinda makes my skin oily, so i only use it before going to bed.


Princess Pineapple said...

Hi, how much are those? And what are the other items from that line?

Park Chan Seul said...

Hello Princess Pineapple :)
Thank you for asking will include them, i'll update the post :)

Princess Pineapple said...


Park Chan Seul said...

is the whitening cream to be washed after being applied?

Park Chan Seul said...

How do you apply the whitening cream??

Seul Park said...

How would you apply this after washing your face at night? Did you use this in the morning and night?

Seul Park said...

which whitening cream? do you mean the whitening spot eraser? right after washing the face.

Seul Park said...

yes, i'm sorry it's not that detailed i will update this post; I only use this at night .

Seul Park said...

That was not actually acne marks but an aftermath of a facial from a facial clinic. Then the spot i was refering to was when i pop out a whitehead and it left a mark or spot, i used this for almost 4 months..

Seul Park said...

I just had a facial and the lady popped my pimples using her hands. Is it all gone now? When you used this at night did you apply it after using your cleaner or moisturizer? Does the spot eraser first or the essence?

Seul Park said...

it's all gone now. after cleansing you may use this after, actually there's no order in application, but sometimes i prefer the eraser only because the essence adds oiliness to my face. Since yours are caused by acne try Ciracle products, there are reviews about their anti acne products, i actually tried products from them but only for blackheads.

Seul Park said...

Are you sure it took 4 months for you? You first posted on December 29, 2012 and this post that you have says March 3rd 2013, so isn't it like 2 months instead? And would you say that this product REALLY works? I'm thinking about buying it xD Thanks for replying back to me (:

Seul Park said...

Sorry i suck at Math. lol, anyway this product worked for me as per my observation since it was not that complicated, i really do not use whitening products most of products i used were for pores, think twice as it costs a lot, well for me. Try researching Ciracle as well there's a lot of review out there i prefer Ciracle for Skincare because they do not have cosmetic line. Jus pure skincare.

Seul Park said...

So would you say that this product overall helped lighten your complexion along with helping the spots fade? Would you buy this again? :)

Seul Park said...

the spots fade yes. lighten my face? not sure i only concentrated on the spots. repurchase? i still have the essence with me so not yet.

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