Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Yesterday's Mini Haul

Yesterday, i went out to buy a mug with a cap, but it turned out after shopping.. I met my college friends, talk to them for a long time :)

So i bought some clothes which i'm not gonna post since i'm not a fashion blog, lol. let me think.

So here's my mini haul :

I also went to Etude House to buy the oil blotting and the drawing eyebrow but the SA assisted me so much she offered to fix my eyebrow lol it growed so much that i was not able to follow the shape already. so i bought that cute thingy for shaving eyebrows. :)

also bought some brushes so i can alternate them while i clean the other brushes.. :)

i got curious so i got my self a trial pack :P

cheers to the mug cap! :)


Arya De Guzman said...

at least you got the mug pack. never saw a trial pack of tresemme, where did yku get it?

Arya De Guzman said...

i mean the mug cap ahahaha

mitchellina metta said...

how much the tools for shaving eyebrow is? *.*

Park Chan Seul said...


mitchellina metta said...

thankyou! :)

Park Chan Seul said...

Hi Arya, got it sa landmark as well, i think they're back just got another yesterday.

Park Chan Seul said...

Mug cap sa landmark as well, not sure if meron pa. as of todays date haha

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