Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Peek on Holika Holika Bloom in Multi Balm Good Sleep

A Peek on Holika Holika Bloom in Multi Balm Good Sleep

Annyeong Dears!

I saw these cutie balm in G-Market when i researched for a balm, i mean lip balm.. So when i got it today i'm kinda confused if this can be used to the lips..well as "Multi" word is concerned, i assumed so. I also bought it because of the color and packaging hahaha!

Below is the only image in full English description, and the others..hangul! I know i'm trying to learn hangul on my own..So it's hard to predict what does it says, if anyone can help me out there..chebal! :)

I just wanna know if i can use it on lips also, hihi. I already tried it and of course tasted it haha it's my lips you know! It tasted like i swallowed an amount of fragrance, so confused.

Actual Product :

Partial judgement :
  • Super uber duper cute packaging
  • Smell not so strong
  • Travel Friendly
  • Just like EOS Passion Fruit, Hygienic
  • Not available locally because HH does not have a store in Philippines but you can order it here : Seoul Jjang KShop :)


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