Thursday, April 4, 2013

First Time Winning an Online Contest + Prize

Annyeong Dearies, 

Today i will share my story, first time i won a contest well it's not that really big contest but it was really challenging and i find it fun, rather than those rafflecopter giveaways :)

i actually decided to host one contest like this,hmm maybe after this month.. because i will be busy this month :)

the delivery of the item actually took time, but it's ok because i'm aware that our postal services is that really slow, so no prob with that. :)

I already tried the skinfood fresh apple gift set, and i liked it super, looking forward to purchase whole sizes :) skinfood is expensive here in the philippines. idk why.

Visit her tumblr  :
She  has a very detailed review.

this is the contest :

How I wish this box is actually a Pink Box from Etude House.
Etude y u no give me one? ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)
P/S :
The first person who guess it right will get a reward. haha
One correct guess = one reward
Two correct guess = two reward
Three correct guess = three reward

I won the first prize, actually when i took a look at the picture for the second time after submitting my answer, that's the time i noticed the third item. epic fail. haha  :)

This is my prize from Skinfoodian  :

Above Picture from Skinfoodian :)

To Skinfoodian : Thank you very much! :)


Skinfoodian said...

Aw thank you so much, I didn't expect you'll make such a post for this :'D I'm glad you like the gift set, I'm liking it myself too but yeah you're right Skinfood stuffs really expensive, it's expensive too in my country. I guess it's because Skinfood looks like a very high brand. lol @ my opinion. XD

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