Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Shop Review : Seoul Jjang KShop

Seoul Jjang KShop, i think it's a new shop on Facebook  though not sure. Anyway, i'm really impressed on how fast she could give prices from Pre-order Items, that other shop could not.

The items i ordered and was currently on pre-order right now, it was not a common Korean cosmetics that many people would order, so i was really impressed.

Today i will show you my first order from her, it was a pre-order.

I know that i'm impatient, but guess what i only asked her once about when my product is coming, you know why? Because she always updates you. Even if she went to a long-weekend vacation last week (She was out of the country), she still provided updates about the package.

The package was late, it's NOT the SELLER'S FAULT,NOR THE EMS.Mind you guys, it's the CUSTOMS here in PH, who pulls off the effin delay on our packages. We should also understand that sometimes they might have a lot of boxes coming in and they need to also examine what's inside, or they're just lazy.

I'm kinda pissed off with the mailing slash anything related with package arrival here in PH, instead of expecting it to be on-time or to be early, just expect delays. At least it's satisfying your expectation. LOL!!!

Anyway, moving on..here it is :

I only Purchased the Holika Holika Bloom in Multi-Balm "Good Sleep"

Thank you for the freebies! ;)

I'm really excited with confusion. haha!


Marxi said...

the Holika Holika Bloom in Multi-Balm "Good Sleep" looks interesting. please do a review of this product soon. :)


Park Chan Seul said...

Hello Marxie :)

I did a peek only post for the balm :)

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