Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Shopping at Saizen..

There are a lot of cute things in Saizen.. omo! haha i forgot to take a picture of the slippers i previously bought and the poncho..

and yesterday i bought..2 massage things and a bath scrub and a little twin star eco bag, together with a super cute mug!

i already tried the massage


Chee said...

Cool face rollers xD I have one too, I don't know if it works, but it does feel nice!

Mikuichi said...

Nice haul! I saw your other post regarding online shops (korean cosmetics ph, seoul jjang and hipstyle). Are they reliable shops selling authentic items? Co'z my mom don' t let me shop on those kind of stores. She's thinking it' s a scam or a fraud. I want to seek opinion from you if they are authentic and which of them is best. Hope you answer. Thanks!

Park Chan Seul said...

they were not, i think i somewhat mention that those posts are made just for appreciation purposes only, my mom as well won't let me..but i stepped out from my comfort zone already because i'm an adult based from my age, though i'm not suggesting you to do what i did, i found them based also from bloggers who often shop to the mentioned stores as well (you can check or ask
The Travels of a Kikay Trekkie,Frozen Blossoms' Cosmetic Blog,erikajjang), i asked for their suggestions. Yes they are selling authentic items, and what specific item are you looking for? how to know if it's not scam? it's simple many people who bought items from the shop posts it after receiving just like what i did.

Park Chan Seul said...

thank you for dropping by ;)

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