Friday, May 3, 2013

Another Haul from Korean Cosmetics PH

** Disclaimer : This post was created for my blog and  for the appreciation i want to express for Korean Cosmetics PH in great customer service they have given, as well as to help my co-bloggers/beauty conscious to know that they are legit and selling authentic products and where they can be found. **

I'm so excited for this haul as it will play vital role for my lavender shade, remember i posted glosses,lipstick and blush-on in pink and orange shade? So this is the lavender shade which i will post on Saturday! promise :)

Sorry some items are missing,some would show that i already consumed them, cause i'm so excited 

The original items i bought were :

Mizon's Ohmu Art Blossom Creamy Lip & Cheek
Peripera's Milky Lavender Tint
and the rest are freebies, i got 3 bookmarks together with the note but my BFF loved them so i gave it to her :)


Maho said...

Aww I would love to buy some Korean cosmetics but unfortunately, you can't get it here in my surroundings. They always have a very cute and lovely packaging haha.

♥ Maho

Park Chan Seul said...

Hello there! thanks for dropping by ;)
where are you from? they are also available online :)
Yes i super agree..superb cute packaging :)

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