Sunday, June 16, 2013

I got a fake EOS Lipbalm, beware..

So i never thought this coming.. it's just a waste of money. the balm was worth 250.00 php while the original worth is almost the same but since this flavor Passion Fruit is a limited edition which has a partner definitely worth almost 500.00 php

I bought my first passion fruit at ebay and it was a bundle see picture below, like that exactly, my bestfriend had the other one.

And to get to the point directly :

A fake EOS :

color : Yellowy

Smell : overpowering, smells wax with fragrance and eww. haha!

Size : smaller than the original
Right : Authentic
Left : Fake

it peels off. I kinda peeled it off so you can see it's shiny.

it has a code on top cover i mean inside it. The authentic one has one and it was : B5
The authentic ones are kinda loose, the fake ones was too tight. (When opening and closing it)
The color was way too vibrant or maybe my authentic one has faded.

If you watch these videos, you can tell we have same experiences as well  :


Park Chan Seul said...

yah, that also happened to me. bought it in a mall and realized it's fake. where did you buy yours? the original one. do you have idea where to buy the original one aside from EOS website? I really really want to buy.

Park Chan Seul said...


Park Chan Seul said...

i buy original in eos store and
i compare and is the same...remember, made in united states not china or europe....

Park Chan Seul said...

in ebay i got it at stuff in style, it's a legit shop. it also has facebook page.

Seul Park said...

Hi Ella,
So the fake one has lighter color than the original. Yay!
Thanks for sharing this.
~Pauline @

liset said...

Hi was checking my eos lipbalm I think it's fake because it yellow, it doesn't have a code but the smell it not bad but I don't know because this is my first one I got

Seul Park said...

hi yes it does, on the inner part. :)

Nicky L Boehlen said...

not all do mine don't & i got them at walmart

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