Friday, June 14, 2013

Mini Me Be My Princess

i'm excited and nervous.

i went to etude yesterday to check out shinee's  Mini Me Be My Princess and buy one even though i've been waiting for one, but unfortunately it was not up to my expectation.

the price : 848.00 Php

i just had a little smell test yesterday :

Minho - not avail
Taemin - did not get the chance to try
Key - not avail
Onew - i was expecting too much on this, since it has been said that it was one of those most popular next to Taemin. But for me it's pretty boring, or maybe if i had the chance to get the whole set i might change my opinions.
Jonghyun- well i'm surprised! as said it was one of those least popular,"gabjagi" (suddenly) it was really surprising, the smell can supply energy it's kind of sweet. :)


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