Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Aegyo Sal : Yay or Nay?

When i first saw this picture, i was like really? and i agree with the top comment that who would ever want an eyebag? hahaha.

We non-koreans or those who love to hide eyebags like crazy for concealer and brighteners just to hide it might probably say the same thing. I mean i never noticed this thing, but mind you gals it really does a difference on the appearance.

I read random blogs about this trend and it's actually different from eyebag, after your lashes aegyo sal comes first before eyebag. To know what's aegyo sal and where is it, please refer here.

As per my observation those idols,actors whose picture has been edited for with or without aegyo-sal looks really harsh, with aegyo sal they look sweet.

I saw this picture in Facebook, i thought only eyelids has tape. i was wrong hahaha.

To surprise me more, i have a natural eyebag i mean aegyo sal.

like i don't have to have it done or fake it or put a tape, hahaha. it comes out when i smile, lol.

Yes have it done ,meaning do a cosmetic procedure i mean filler things like that.

Last October 2012

Last Sunday? oh yeah i gain weight gals. i know. hahaha


June L. said...

Interesting post! I'm Korean, but I never found the eyebag trend to be attractive (Not really). I'd rather have no eyebags, tyvm! ;n;

bel said...

Haha!! I have natural "eyebags" too and people in my school keep telling me to sleep wth

That sticker is ridiculous omg.............

Park Chan Seul said...

i think so too! hahaha..for some reason i mean person lol, they look good but for some they look scary. ;) Thanks for dropping by..

Park Chan Seul said...

she look better with the before picture. haha. But you know there is a saying that if you can't get rid of it then go with it, lol maybe i'll use this as a trick if ever i cried overnight because of watching a drama, i know that tomorrow it will be bigger. Thanks for dropping by.. :)

Bun-bun said...

I think the Ageyo Sal is cute! But I think some chicks don't need it.

I have really dark, ugly eyebags that I'm trying to get rid of, and I naturally have Ageyo Sal too! No need for eye tape! :D

Park Chan Seul said...

we did the same thing but i keep on forgetting that should put treatment every night but idk maybe less stress less darkness because mine lighten naturally.Thanks for dropping by.. :)

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