Wednesday, July 17, 2013

BTS of a blogger : Product Pictorial, Enhancing Images Tip!

Hello There gals!

As you know sometimes i kinda lazy and i really don't edit pictures (ain't nobody got time for that) lol.
I usually did not edit pictures i used for reviews and even my selca's! too lazy for that you know, for me as long as it is clear then that's a pass!

But not until i updated my watermark, well as you can observed i usually take pics on my bed so what ever my bed sheet's color that is the background.

And it was gray as of this moment, the color concept of my watermark perfectly matches the new layout/theme i found. So no way i'm gonna change it, no way i'm gonna edit pictures as well. hahahaha!

I found something that will help bloggers as well balance light and provide clearer picture without too much effort.

It's called the : Lightbox for product photography

from the word it self, light and a box. So you need a light and a box! hahaha.

Materials I used :

Bond Papers
Available lights at home

Simple right?

This is how it normally looks like, i mean for photographers, really.

and this is a sample DIY of the light box :

Sources :

** Disclaimer : My dad really built the lightbox for me and i was supposed to cover it but i'm kinda impatient for that so Dad did it as well, kudos to my dad for supporting me :)) **

During :

Excuse my dad's tummy! hahahaha.

After :

Sample shot :

convinced? hahahaha! ;)


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