Thursday, July 25, 2013

Fashion 101

Hello friends,

I'm finally launching my "fashion" segment! lol tv show?

I was a girl who prefers comfort than style sometimes, but you know there is a mighty saying :

"if you have it, flaunt it"
"tiis ganda" - meaning even if a bit uncomfortable you must stay still for the sake of beauty.

So there, i'm hoping that well my future OOTD's won't lessen my friends/readers. you know you'll see a chubby girl for OOTD's hahahaha.

For the jump start i'll show this picture of mine.

"All Black"

Top - Natasha Multi purpose
Pants - Jag
Bag - from Landmark
Accesssories - Forever 21
Detachable collar - By Mom and Me (You want some tutorial? hehehe)
Shoes - cream grey wedge from cardams

you can also check out my polyvore creations :)


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