Sunday, July 14, 2013

Haul and updates ;)

CNA had an opening last friday at cubao branch so i stepped in and shop! ;)

Ciracle at trinoma has recently opened as well, so my long wished item are already available locally ;)

and also i've been digging majolica's so i'll be reviewing this later, yeah the powder was in2t. i'll also tell why.

Lastly, changed my watermark. 

to this ;)


nurina adhalia said...

loves your new watermark

June L. said...

Eeee, love the black mirror! *___*

Park Chan Seul said...

love it too! ;) there's actually a huge version of that as in huge, but i don't think i need it like right now yet maybe next time. haha. BTW the brand is darkness same as their eyelashes.

Eula said...

i have the similar mirror! love CNA too! nice haul by the way..

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