Sunday, July 7, 2013

Haul at Seouljjang Kshop

** Disclaimer : This post was created for my blog and  for the appreciation i want to express for Seoul Jjang KShop in great customer service they have given, as well as to help my co-bloggers/beauty conscious to know that they are legit and selling authentic products and where they can be found. **

Seoul Jjang KShop has great customer service, all the time i shopped it's really comfortable asking for price inquiries, and also i feel happy to know that they were expanding on korean items, after i pass this tight budgeting i'll shop more :)

The shop owner became a friend to me, to whom i can talk to about kpop,and anything korean related. I hope to see you in person as well sis, one of these days. ;)

감사합니다! :)

My past haul, sorry pictures are kinda late. 

And also most images i took from disappeared from nowhere. Here's my explanation, i posted it on my tumblr. :

there’s a sad news for my readers here and at blogspot,
i loose the important pictures for my reviews, so i have to take them again. there are some images i cannot have again. ah stupid. i’m kinda pissed with what happened, because i found it out just yesterday. I was pretty confident that i had saved it. i took it from my phone and needs to transfer it but idk what happened. asdfghjkl.
by the way, i have a new layout and watermark logo for pictures, how was it?

Here's my purchase :

I super loved it!
Holika Holika Honey Bouquet Shine Gloss SPK 104 - 295 (at sale the time i purchase)
Shinee Mini Me (Key/Ms.Bling) - 695
Shipping (Manila) - 60
I don't know how to review perfume so i'll just spam images of this on Tuesday.
I'll do all my pending reviews on Tuesday :)


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