Saturday, July 27, 2013



F(x)Rum pum pum - Krystal focused. I like her hair but spmetimes i think that she's way more mature than others as far as i know she's the maknae of sm. Well if not she's still young but looking gorgeous.

Shinee Boys Meet U - i'll be waiting but i prefer korean comebacks because i can't really pronounce japanese words clearly. Haha

Exo Growl - i like it from what i hear and saw in the teaser. I'll be waiting.

~T_T~  Drama

I hear your voice - still ongping,the ending is thrilling. I love this drama totally. 4 thumbs up,because i have four only 2 from hands and 2 from feet. Hahahaha! This is definitely a must watch. The story writer is genius. Everyone who worked for this is hard working people and they deserve the high ratings!

Monstar - still ongoing,i kimda hate the girl lead because she's insensitive for the boy's feelings. Lol k i meai'm much of a shipper for seon woo (kang ha neul) and (da hee) o forgot hee character name.

HEIRS - this will be star studded so everyone is hoping for this,too much star can't be in one place or else everyone will be blind for all the light coming from them so i don't expect too much,just hoping that story will be as great as i hear your voice.


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