Friday, July 26, 2013

OOTD + MOTD : Neon and Friday

Hello dearies,

last day of the week aye? haha i mean for working on weekdays, and yes tomorrow and Sunday will be a big event for Etude, are you coming? I'm coming on sunday, i have to go to Laguna to check on my uncle on Saturday so i can't attend Saturday Session :(

Anyways, it's really hard to take a whole body picture for yourself right? haha here's my OOTD Selca, next time i'll use Digicam and tripod, premise!!

Neon and Friday : neon concept and Friday for comfort, many establishment might agree that Friday is the only allowable day for weekdays to be wearing jeans and non-formal outfits. Right? I do it like this :

Highlight Products :
  • BYS Neon Eyeshadow, Bought at Watson for Around 300.00php
  • Top Brandless from Landmark Around 200.00 something
  • Black Pants, Reborn
  • Black Shoes from Mario D' Boro


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