Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Skincare Brand : Ciracle

I would like to let you know that there is miracle, Miracle is possible with Ciracle. :)

Shopping online and offline for Philippines is now possible! love love love!

For online shopping click the image above or visit, For offline shopping we already have our local booth at Landmark, Trinoma!

I just visited them yesterday.. but I've been hoarding stuffs lol, is that called hoarding? i only own 4 Ciracle Items as of the moment, and 3 has been bought at Trinoma,but for the two times i visited the booth the SA's were always surprised that i have bought items without hesitation like picking up a toothbrush and then proceed to the counter, haha. Well to honestly tell you for a reasonably priced item like that before buying,it has been under my wishlist and there are many times i think to even buy it or not. So when i approach the booth I've already decided. :)

I have reviewed these items :

Ciracle Goodbye Blackhead
Ciracle Secret Sebum Powder

About Ciracle :
photo grabbed from website

This is the only information i got from the website, but you know Ciracle came from Korea, as you know i'm obsessed with Korean Cosmetics and Skincare. I'm not gonna lie but I first saw them at Wish trend and totally dig the product because it has been featured at Get it Beauty (Get it Beauty was a Korean Beauty Show that shows how to use makeup properly, makeup tutorials, tips and tricks for being beautiful and such things, they do not mention product brands but you can always guess them).

They have sections for products, which is awesome because it has a lot. Of course if you are gonna ask me, i'm a big fan of Blackhead & Pore Care, if you were to click and check out what products are under this line, i'm only missing 4 items, which will come in the future, been saving for that.

Some of the areas below has not yet filled up, and according to them : "Miracle will be revealed soon."

Vitamin-C Care
Blackhead & Pore Care
Anti-Blemish Care
Anti-Redness Care
Cleansing Care
Whitening Care
Basic Care
Moisture Care
Wrinkle Care
BB Cream
Acne Care
Men’s Care

Here's the Actual Product Pictures :

My Current Skincare routine : (Soap was not included in the picture since it was wet and it was located at my bathroom)

thise were the freebies upon purchasing goodbye blackhead from Seouljjang.. this is were i first tried the Jeju Volcanic Mask and fallen inlove after using haha.

this last photo was not mine, will update as soon as i got time to take photo of my sample, by the way i got that sample from purchasing the soap and the sebum powder :)

click the picture for redirection to her page and her review. :)

My Verdict for this Brand : Love ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Effectivity : Super Great as far as my reviews result.
Accessibility : Available locally and online, Excellent!
Price : Reasonably Priced, since it's effective. Not that cheap,Not that Expensive, the great deal was it's effective.
Packaging : Since it's skincare i don't mind girlyish cutish stuff,simple is nice.
++Dermatological Cosmetics Formulated by COTDE

If you guys will be shopping at Zalora you can use this discount coupon :


Eyah said...

wow, pretty new brand! I hope it would hit our country, as for me I'm loving Etude and Hayan skincare works really good on me. :) Have you tried Hayan?

Park Chan Seul said...

Hi Ms.Eyah! thanks for checking the post :) Haven't tried Hayan yet, but if time and budget allows why not, but as for today this were the only products that satisfies my needs, if you have seen those big pores like gruesome, they were the ones helping me. So there's more to expect since i'm not using the whole skincare yet. :)

Misa Lee said...

I wish ciracle would come here too lol been eyeing on their products since early this year haha lucky you! I heard nothing but good things about this brand so I would love to try it out one day ^^
Thank you for this entry :D


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