Friday, August 16, 2013

A Peek on Holika Holika 3D Aura Bright Patch

I am also curious what is this item..It's one of those masks that is unique, awesome design haha :)

So what is it, here i downloaded a picture from Google that came from eBay :

I got one from GWP in HH :

Here is what it looks like after taking out :

when applied :  (i did some camwhoring, please excuse my mini airport forehead. lol)

Verdict :

  • I'm not sure about the bright effect since i went to sleep after putting the mask on, hahaha!
  • I love the scent, not strong.
    I love the mask design and fir of course
  • It has a lot of essence inside
  • No breakouts

That's it gals since it was just a sample ;)


Kathleen Paul said...

I want to try Korean Cosmetics so much, the packaging is so pretty, every time i see some i want to go to korea and shop and go to a girls generation concert lol really love your blog btw I am following you with GFC, if you are looking for new blogs to check out, here is mine hope you enjoy follow if you like mine too :) i am following you either way so dont worry this isn;t a follow for follow comment :)

Emily Thomas said...

Oh I was wondering what this was! Thank you for reviewing it aha(: It looks pretty cool~ if I get the chance I will definitely try out this mask^^ x

Park Chan Seul said...

it was really nice, the mask did not annoyed me and it has a secure fit. :) Thanks for checking it out :)

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