Thursday, August 15, 2013

Holika Holika Second Haul

So i'll give a peek on my 2nd haul!
I was impressed for local service but not on web service..
Good things first, i was IMPRESSED because,

1. They took down my name and said they'll inform me once the membership is already available and asked me to keep my receipt and present it to them when time comes. 500 php above are counted oh god i spent 2k and lost the 1st receipt. Lol.

2. Ms.Belle the president of hhph is at the store and told me that she remembers me from the opening of hhph. Now i was wondering if she remembers me like this : oh this is the girl who smiles a lot  the girl who asked for receipt. Hahaha!

3. The SA was super nice and knows a lot in the products.

This was 50% acceptable since this is their first branch and really first in the Philippines, i'm trying to understand it :) (Bonus is they were nice)
I was unimpressed on holika on web service,because firstly they do not have local website.
Then secondly they're inactive or they just notice those bloggers they invited to promote. What happened? i tweeted them and messaged them in Facebook about the prices but then got no replies.
I've been waiting for a week. Even if we are neighbors i still don't have time to visit since i was placed on night shift and even if my time ended on 6 pm i landed down on the store 10 minutes before mall closing..just like yesterday i really want to purchase,but they were closed already.


Emily Thomas said...

Wow what is that butterfly shaped thing? It looks pretty interesting^^ I wish I had a Holika Holika store near to me, but the closest one is abroad lol*-*

Richelle said...

Ooo I have one of the cotton thingies, I forgot what it was but the reason I bought it is because it was so cute...I never used it X_x

Park Chan Seul said...

it's a mask! cute right? im not sure if that's for GWP or they sell it as well because i havent seen it at the store or i might have missed out.

Park Chan Seul said...

you mean the oil queen cotton? im super oily that why i purchased it, hoping it would lessen oiliness hahaha!

Park Chan Seul said...

Hi there ;)
I reviewed the butterfly thingy hehe. please check them out if you have time :)

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