Friday, August 2, 2013

Kdrama : I hear your voice/I can hear your voice..

Hi there guys, first of all apologies as i cannot post the other reviews tonight because i'm using mobile right now. Our internet as usual goofing around. Damn. Haha.
Moving on,here's a concluding review,yet i won'tell what happened. Watch it on gooddrama ep16 is now up!
This drama is unique as far as all drama that i had watched and those who soared high ratings, unlike the other dramas i've watched this drama did not focused on the main leads. The story connects each and everyone. A unique friendship was there which made my heart melt as well. I've learned a lot from this drama,it's very realistic.
And before i messed up and spoil,i screenshot one of my favorite quotes in this drama that i posted in my tumblr.

The writers are geniuses.

The actors and actresses are great.

Staffs and everyone that has been part of i hear your voice..kudos to all of you!!!


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