Thursday, September 19, 2013

Etude house Blotting Paper Pact

When i saw this i was amazed, i always want something like this since i'm always on the go and always hauling for blotting papers, what you might noticed some blotting papers case has been torn at the edges or deformed as always. 

So i needed this one, but i was unable to order the refill and since i have existing blotting paper i made an experiment.

Here's the experiment :

from Left Original Paper of the pact, middle HH blotting, EH blotting so based from the original size i cutted the others, luckily it fitted :)

  Pros :
♥ Neat
♥ Cute Packaging
♥ No Tearing no deformation of sheets
♥ Hygienic
♥ Can fit some other blotting sheets ( requires : Effort! :) )

Cons :
♥ not available locally
♥ no refill locally as well

Where to avail :
♥ Seouljjangkshop, for link please click it on the side bar.


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