Thursday, September 19, 2013

It's Skin Grape Macaron Lipbalm


I got captured by the sweet look of this lipbalm, and also i love macarons for real, if you follow me on instagram i posted Tous Les Jours macarons very often early 2013, but i stopped buying fatty things when i started a healthy living lol. 

I was expecting that it would taste like but i was wrong but hey there's more to love for this balm!

Before : Dry and chappy

After : Moisturized ;)

What to love :
♥ Packaging
♥ The lightness when worn
♥ The moisturizing factor
♥ it smells like grape
♥ do not have any taste
♥ the lasting power
♥ the smoothness of it when being applied

What to hate :
♥ Nothing as of the moment, but im also not sure if its available at the local store of its skin which was located at SM north edsa, if i'm mistaken.


Park Chan Seul said...

looks so fresh!

Much Love,

Park Chan Seul said...

Thanks for dropping by ;)

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