Sunday, September 8, 2013


First of all,
This is a pic-heavy post
I'm on General Admission Area
Save your money, because DREAM KPOP CONCERT IS MAY 2014!!!!

- Some talk first, i uploaded this to gave you guys an idea how far is Gen Ad in Araneta Coliseum and please pre-order your items before the event or you'll suffer buying unrelated light stick color, high price merchandises, and yeah for your ticket area as well. 

This is my first-ever kpop concert, and General Admission was not good in terms of location and management (meaning how they guided as on going in, i know that it is free seating however why o why did they only open one door for gen ad team when there are a lot of people
The show was great but still short but fun! it was like a big party on #teamgenad!

I'm still thinking if it's possible that i will upload my fancams, and these photos are edited and not, no watermarks as i was lazy to do it, lol. 

For Dream KPOP , MAY 2014.
I read a tweet however i was  not sure of the source it said for May 2014 : Bigbang,2ne1,B1A4, and etc. lol let's wait for the official announcement. :)