Friday, October 4, 2013

A Random Rant Post

How are you lovelies?

If you are sensitive with words, do not continue reading this, once in a while i need to let the inner bitch out. So i may used liberated words, such as damn. fuck. and etc. (also bad words in our language)

and hell yeah this is a post for some random freaking rants of mine. I want time. Dying to have a lot in hand, where can i hoard? haha.

So i've been busy that wasn't able to post nor update anything in here. Also this might not be the great week/month for me. since October started already i hope the bad side would not continue.

Here's what I've been through since my last post.

  • Pre-order got delayed due to chuseok holiday - It's no big deal for me, i'm not in a rush.
  • Got ignored by some IG Korean Cosmetic Seller - I can't believe she don't want money. (lol) I won't ask nor shop on this store uname : K____na_ph (lol)
  • Everyday was like a UFC Fight for MRT Riders (Wishing i was a millionaire so i wont suffer)
  • Suffered from sickness (Cough and Cold, now getting better)
  • Reunited with by BFF, shopped some clothes.
  • and today i saw a heart breaking mind-fucking article which is here :PUPPY CRUSH VIDEO 
(I DID NOT WATCHED,since screen capture is all over the internet, i was like omg putangina nitong mga to walang magawa sa buhay, in English OMG these bitches got nothing to do with their lives. I wished them bad luck like forever, what does the puppy's fault in the first place? I love puppies and cried a lot when mine died due to sickness, i like them a lot since i was a kid i just recently got one but he died, when the news reached me i skipped a day from work and cried a lot in my bed. Sincerely.) I say no to animal cruelty. I hope PAWS or PETA will do something about it. :( I also hope they are not filipinos,because if i saw them i will make sure they will suffer from something. i will do it legally, hahahaha! - They look Asians, what a disgrace!

Moving on (on the good news that makes me happy) :
Here is my random wishlist :

Reviewed by Mizuchan, please click the picture for the link. It's from the new collection, Misa also have an ongoing giveaway of this items! ;) See link below ;)

Krystal is not my wish but her red-pinky hair. hahahaha!

This pup, isn't she cute? She's a mixbreed of Siberian and Golden Labrador Retreiver

And also my Friend MISA, has an awesome giveaway :) Please join because i did! ;)

I want to win too, hahaha!

1st Winner Prize:

1. Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion 
2. Etude House Rosy Tint Lips
3. Etude House Rose Drawing Show Creamy Pencil
4. Etude House Rose Flowering Nails

2nd Winner Prize:

1. Etude House Rosy Tint Lips 


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