Thursday, October 17, 2013

Did i got the real thing or what? Skin79 Super Plus Triple Function BB Vital Cream

I was confused and now wondering if i got a legit one.

under this confusing things and everything, i used it today. haha! and wait what a nice and great oil control!
After application i think it's almost 6 hours there's some oil on nose already.

i'll soon post the review, promise!

The ff pictures is what i have used to serve as a reference on how to tell which is the real thing and which was the fake one.

I bought mine at a Bazaar here at Paseo Center, Ayala Makati. My favorite online sellers does not have any Skin79 Orange onhand.

Here is my BB cream pictures : 
I did not put any watermarks because i was in a hurry.

First of all it is reflecting..the words BB

2nd. The box characteristics which was this has a print inside,

does not have url of skin79

English Description at the back and the opening trace,

Bar code and expiration date at the bottom part.

the circle on the top part was big

Authenticity label, however when you zoom this in and get comparison to the orange bb cream i got on google at the top of this post, you'll get this :

top picture from google, second was mine, mine was edited picture i lightened the picture to see more of the label.

The texture :

Ending with updated me : As in today! :)

PS. Please leave some comments, i'm dying to know if this is legit or not.


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